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i have a good reason for the hiatus.

Posted by Diana on October 20, 2008

I am a very busy woman, you see. Busy planning the first ever…..

F A L L E A R T H F E S T I V A L !!!

The festival is being held in honor of National Campus Sustainability Day (say that five times fast). Activities are planned for both campuses. At Lawrenceville, NCSD multi-media events (code for the above) will be taking place in the SRC from 10-2.

NCSD will be celebrated at Westminster on the Great Plains from 10-4 in the form of an old-fashioned country fair with an eco-minded twist.

**Bring your co-mingled recyclables (cans, water bottles, and glass), plastic grocery bags, and clothing donations as tickets to play games!**

Each game will test your green knowledge as well as your carnival skills (don’t worry, no tight rope walking while balancing plates on your head and singing opera–I’m pushing that for next year). There will be food and merriment, accompanied by a focus on responsibility to our local community and our planet.

4-5 PM in Thayer Lounge…



co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TerraCycle, Inc.,
producer of the world’s first products made from and packaged in waste.

you won’t want to miss this guy. promise.

Hope to see you there!!!!


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it just warms my heart.

Posted by Diana on September 18, 2008

if you didn’t already think he was a gem, maybe this will do the trick…

kudos to our dear professor, dr. jim goldsworthy, for taking extra time to tape small sheets onto a larger 11×17 so that he could put more pages on one AND double side it–to save paper.

and, profuse apologies for a delay in updating….since i’ve been gone:

  • a green student organization called GRASSROOTS has been formed, with 67 members already and rapidly growing! let me know if you’re interested in joining. (website to follow…)

  • plans and preparations are underway for the FALL EARTH FESTIVAL! circle OCTOBER 22 on your calendars, folks. see you at the fair!

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earth day — a classy affair.

Posted by Diana on April 29, 2008

here’s a great big

thank you!!!

to all who helped make

earth day ’08

a smashing success!

  • eight 32-gallon tubs of clothing were collected and sent to a community in need in Haiti
  • four 32-gallon tubs of plastic bottles were collected and sent to be recycled
  • three 32-gallon tubs of plastic grocery bags were collected and sent to be recycled

DUE TO THE REMARKABLY LARGE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS, we ran out of reusable bag giveaways within the first half hour! Unfortunately, we do not have any extra. However, i was able to round up 75 extra water bottles for those of you who signed the IOU sheet. If anyone signed up for a reusable bag and didn’t already get a water bottle, I would be happy to give you a bottle instead when you stop by the library (see below for pick-up times).

The winners of the raffle for those informative and hilarious green books are….[drum roll please]

  • Makeda Hampton
  • Cliff Goldberg
  • Dan Richards
  • Elizabeth Stuck
  • Madison James
  • Robin Lucas
  • Jacob Mercer-Pontier
  • Katie Skovira
  • Chris Casciello
  • Sara Ward

*** TO PICK UP YOUR PRIZES AND WATER BOTTLES, please stop by Talbott Library from 1:30-10 on Wed, 8:30-5 on Thu, 3-10 on Sun, 1:30-10 on Mon, or 8:30-5 Tue-Thu (May 6-8)****

diana and mike

emily and alicia signing poster for “why artists should be green”

ben and nick and their sweet organic t-shirts

jacob and me working the crowds (and the camera)

chris, emily, and vince being very helpful

katie does her part

megan standing amidst the amazing donations

my world-class poster for earth day

all photos from earth day ’08 can be found at

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