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i have a good reason for the hiatus.

Posted by Diana on October 20, 2008

I am a very busy woman, you see. Busy planning the first ever…..

F A L L E A R T H F E S T I V A L !!!

The festival is being held in honor of National Campus Sustainability Day (say that five times fast). Activities are planned for both campuses. At Lawrenceville, NCSD multi-media events (code for the above) will be taking place in the SRC from 10-2.

NCSD will be celebrated at Westminster on the Great Plains from 10-4 in the form of an old-fashioned country fair with an eco-minded twist.

**Bring your co-mingled recyclables (cans, water bottles, and glass), plastic grocery bags, and clothing donations as tickets to play games!**

Each game will test your green knowledge as well as your carnival skills (don’t worry, no tight rope walking while balancing plates on your head and singing opera–I’m pushing that for next year). There will be food and merriment, accompanied by a focus on responsibility to our local community and our planet.

4-5 PM in Thayer Lounge…



co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TerraCycle, Inc.,
producer of the world’s first products made from and packaged in waste.

you won’t want to miss this guy. promise.

Hope to see you there!!!!


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thoughts on a meeting with the student senate.

Posted by Diana on February 20, 2008

Last night, Diana Kayes [Sustainability Coordinator] and I were given the opportunity to speak with the Student Senate at Westminster. Many strides have been taken to involve the Lawrenceville campus in the green efforts of the University, and it was our hope to drum up some involvement from the students in Princeton.

We were met with mixed responses from the roomful of 30-40 students who seemed to be surprised at this sudden push toward recycling. Here are some highlights from their comments:

  • students often see trash in the recycling bins, so they figure why bother?
  • there are not recycling bins near each trash can, so it’s inconvenient
  • there are no recycling bins outside
  • there is a lack of education concerning recyclingwhat can and cannot go in these bins?
  • students are aware of the rumors that the recycling isn’t actually being recycled, so again, they figure, why bother?
  • most were upset that double-sided printing and copying were not offered
  • students who do make the effort to recycle are discouraged by the lack of involvement by both the university and fellow students

We took note of their concerns and addressed them as best we could. Some solutions included:

  • ordering recycling bins, both for outside and inside, including individual dorm rooms and offices
  • continuing to investigate recycling rumors to assure that materials that do make it into the bins are taken to be recycled
  • informing that a double-sided printer is now in the library and will be configured soon for public use
  • urging students to bring requests for double-sided copying to the foreground
  • asking for volunteers to aid in educating the student body by hanging posters, helping to monitor recycling bins, etc.
  • informing them of Rider’s involvement in Recycle Mania [more to come on that soon, I promise!]

I just want to remind the students that although it can be a very frustrating experience to talk about issues like this, especially when there may not be immediate results, it is a necessary means to an end. If we all work together to be more mindful of our wastefulness and take some responsibility for our actions, we can begin to see some real change on this campus.

[students, please feel free to comment or email. we would like to know your thoughts.]

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