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Comic Characters



Name: Hokey

Interests: Choo-Choo Trains

Favorite Movie: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Favorite Food: Cheese nachos and cheese sauce, movie popcorn and fountain soda, grape soda, fanta, red twizzlers, turkey gravy, salty salted things, mangoes, papayas and plucots, and Wegman’s frozen pierogies.

Character Flaw: Articulation

Vocation: Saving the World and trees and I like being Litter Patrol Sheriff because I get a badge and I want to be a train conductionist because I like their wheels and the swooshing sound they make on the tracks and the way they move in circles. It is quite modern, like me.



Name: Owlbert

Interests: The Environment, Geology & Miles Davis

Favorite Book: Anything by Plato, Aristotle, or Tom Clancy.

Character Flaw: Perhaps a bit quick-tempered—but always with good reason!

Favorite Food: Earl grey tea and soda crackers

Personal Quote: “Perseverance is not a word, it is a state of being.”



Name: Wayne

Interests: Hot Dogs.

Favorite Food: Hot Dogs.

Character Flaw: Hot Dogs.

Favorite Movie: Last of the Mohicans. 300. Terminator 2. Die Hard. The Dick Van Dyke Show.



Name: Vikki

Interests: Golden Oldies, Mock Trial Team and writing detective fiction.

Professional Goal: Marine Biologist

Favorite Food: Sundaes, if he’s buying (wink!)

Heroes: Ghandi, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Drew, and Hugh Jackman

Character Flaw: As a natural-born leader, I can sometimes be too self-critical. Coupled with the daily pressures of being an upstanding member of society, living by the Golden-Rule, maintaining manageable hair and updating my CV, I have been known to place too much pressure on myself as a gifted and compassionate over-achiever.


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