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it just warms my heart.

Posted by Diana on September 18, 2008

if you didn’t already think he was a gem, maybe this will do the trick…

kudos to our dear professor, dr. jim goldsworthy, for taking extra time to tape small sheets onto a larger 11×17 so that he could put more pages on one AND double side it–to save paper.

and, profuse apologies for a delay in updating….since i’ve been gone:

  • a green student organization called GRASSROOTS has been formed, with 67 members already and rapidly growing! let me know if you’re interested in joining. (website to follow…)

  • plans and preparations are underway for the FALL EARTH FESTIVAL! circle OCTOBER 22 on your calendars, folks. see you at the fair!


6 Responses to “it just warms my heart.”

  1. megan said

    Dr. Goldsworthy is awesome…even more so for that!

    Is Grassroots only available to Rider students, or to staff as well?

  2. Melissa Ross said

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the bloggers that don’t know me. I am the new Sustainability Coordination Manager for Rider University. Now that I found the blog, I plan to check it out and post messages here on a regular basis.

  3. Diana said


    I would GLADLY love for you to be a part of our grassroots events. If we get enough staff/faculty involved, perhaps a separate group could evolve, but for now, you can hang out with Fred and me (and Melissa). What’s your schedule like on Wed Oct 22? We’ve got a Fall Earth Festival coming up and could use some help.

  4. megan said

    I’ve got a bit of free time between 12:30 and 3:00. It’s not much, but I’d be happy to help however I can.

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