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when recycling is wrong…

Posted by Diana on August 1, 2008

….very wrong.


I have started to plan for the Fall Earth Festival at Rider and decided that it would be fun to have a do-it-yourself craft booth. As I was searching for crafts made from recycled materials, I stumbled upon this little gem. I don’t know what to say. Reminds me a little of the misfit toys from Toy Story.

for those of you who are curious (and slightly odd), learn how to make a “baby doll coat rack” of your very own here.  and props to the creator, who certainly used her imagination to reuse something that would otherwise be discarded!


5 Responses to “when recycling is wrong…”

  1. Sonni said

    Um, I love it. I wouldn’t want it in my house, though.

  2. Sonni said

    I’ll have you know this sent me into an all-nighter of online recycled home-decor research. I made a Christmas ornament our of a dead lightbulb, and my next project is a trash can made of old magazines!

    It’s an illness I have.

  3. Bueno? said

    What a disturbing and twisted image. No head for a hat rack?

  4. Diana said

    you should market that.

  5. Nika said

    this is disturbing… i love it though.

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