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three cheers!!!

Posted by Diana on May 21, 2008

for Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt!!!!

Today I opened a delicious cup of french vanilla organic yogurt from Stonyfield, and on the lid, I read:

Sunshine in your cup! Some of the energy used to make this yogurt was generated from the sun.”

Made my whole dang day.

Please take a minute or two to check out their website. Not only is it full of great graphics, but you learn about Stonyfield’s admirable mission statement and all of the efforts they are making to give back to the earth. For example, here’s a quote about “Profits for the Planet“:

Each year Stonyfield Farm gives away 10 percent of its profits to organizations and projects that work to protect and restore the earth. In 2007, for example, we gave $1,947,109 to non-profit and educational organizations across the country to support their innovative environmental and organic programs–from supporting bicycling as a means of transportation, to a four-year university dedicated to saving the ecosystems of the tropics. We look for projects that protect and restore the planet and generate measurable results.

i heart stonyfield.

i heart stonyfield.


2 Responses to “three cheers!!!”

  1. syansen said

    I agree! Stonyfield is one of my favorite companies! Gary Hirshberg is incredible – very smart, terrific leader, and green way before it was cool to be green. I just found out on my lids that they also just went gluten-free – and of course are all natural all the time. Stirring it Up is on my next book read list. All the best, Shana from Green Cotton

  2. dominic said

    I bought two 32 oz. tubs of Stonyfield Farms’ “whole milk/organic/cream on top” plain yogurt 19 Apr. 2009. Never bought Stonyfield Farms’ before. I did that one time because the store was out of Dannon regular-fat plain yogurt. I’ve been eating Dannon yogurt since the late 1970s. So instead of hitting another store I bought the Stonyfield Farms’ yogurt.

    It was stomach turning. Tasted like bland mayonnaise. I ate about three spoonfuls of the stuff. I e-mailed Stonyfield about it. They responded next day and suggested that it might be ‘spoiled’. And they offered me coupons for replacements.

    I opened the second 32 oz. tub of Stonyfield Farms’ yogurt after I read their e-mail. It smelled and looked as disgusting as the first one. Maybe both were spoiled somehow as Stonyfield Farms suggested. And maybe both were exactly as they wished them to be before leaving their facility.

    No way I would ever eat Stonyfield Farms yogurt again, even if it was free. In addition to my own stomach-turning experience, on their website was a recall of yogurt because too much sanitizer was used. I also learned from a google search that Stonyfield Farms had another recall of yogurt a year or so ago. That was over moisture-absorbing material in the yogurt.

    The bottom line is organic, nonorganic, or interstellar, if a company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee on their products, well, that says a lot.

    If you like Stonyfield Farms’ yogurt, more power to you. If you never tried theirs before, buy one of the smallest sizes to see if you like it first, particularly if you are a long-standing consumer of Dannon yogurt. In thirty years’ time, I’ve never gotten a bad container of Dannon yogurt. And I’m not a Dannon employee or stockholder. Dannon actually owns a majority stake in Stonyfield Farms.

    So as suggested, do visit Stonyfield Farms’ website — to see if there are any recalls. And google Stonyfield Farms as well for recalls.

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